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FAT32 to NTFS On The Fly

Saw an error today copying an mkv file to my external HDD. The error stated that “The file is too large for the destination file system” which was strange as there was over 300GB free. I had previously formatted the external drive as FAT32 so it could be used by both mac and PC. Turns out however that FAT32 doesnt support files over 4GB and that the disk would need to be formatted. The problem was that it already had a lot of files on it…….the work around is to change the file system type to NTFS which can be done on the fly in Vista!

1: Go to Start > Accessories > Command Line: Right click and run as administrator

2: Type the following command:

Convert F: /fs/ntfs /nosecurity

*replace the drive allocated letter with your external HDD

3: You will be asked the current name of the HDD and some details will come up about the disk and bingo! Conversion done!

Only problem now is that I cant access the disk directly with mac….but its available over the network which is an acceptable work around.

Thanks to the original source


How to reset your Sky+ Box

Had a problem with my Sky+ box the other day, was seeing jerky on the screen so decided to do a full system reset. This can be accessed from the Sky Engineers Menu by the following

Press “SERVICES” on your Sky Plus Remote

Select Option 4

Next press 0, 1 and SELECT – you should now see the engineer’s menu.

Choose option 8, ‘Full System Reset’. The box will now take a few minutes to reset itself.

BE WARNED: This will clear your HD and thus wipe all your recorded programs!!

This solution has also been known to resolve pausing and recording issues. Enjoy!