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uTorrent Error: Access is Denied (Windows 7)

Ive recently seen an error in uTorrent when downloading a specific file getting the error “Access is denied”. Strangely it was only for one file, all others seem to be working ok. It appears there are some compatibility error with uTorrent and Windows 7.

To resolve the error complete the following:

1: Right click on the utorrent.exe file and select “Properties”
2: Select the   “Compatibility” tab
3: Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select “Vista” from the drop down menu
4: Select “Run this program as administrator” under “Privilege Level” at the bottom of the box.
5: Restart utorrent and you should be all good!


How to launch Boxee with MCE Remote (Windows)

Found a neat little install for launching Boxee with your MCE remote green button (usually launches WMC). Simply download and install!

Thanks Jacob Johnston!

Forgotten User Password in Vista?

Had a call from my mate over the weekend who had forgotten his user password in Windows Vista. Luckily he was still able to get into his account as he has fingerprint entry enabled, however he still couldnt remember his password. Searching around on the web there are a few solutions but I found this one the easiest:

1: Create a new “Administrator” account
2: Switch to this account
3: Go to Start, then in the run box enter “control userpasswords2”
4: A dialogue box will open, select the user account you want to change the password of and change it! You will not need your current password to do this 🙂
5: Switch back to the troublesome account and test your new password!
6: You can delete your temporary admin account now if so desired!