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FAT32 to NTFS On The Fly

Saw an error today copying an mkv file to my external HDD. The error stated that “The file is too large for the destination file system” which was strange as there was over 300GB free. I had previously formatted the external drive as FAT32 so it could be used by both mac and PC. Turns out however that FAT32 doesnt support files over 4GB and that the disk would need to be formatted. The problem was that it already had a lot of files on it…….the work around is to change the file system type to NTFS which can be done on the fly in Vista!

1: Go to Start > Accessories > Command Line: Right click and run as administrator

2: Type the following command:

Convert F: /fs/ntfs /nosecurity

*replace the drive allocated letter with your external HDD

3: You will be asked the current name of the HDD and some details will come up about the disk and bingo! Conversion done!

Only problem now is that I cant access the disk directly with mac….but its available over the network which is an acceptable work around.

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Print Screen For Mac

If like me you were used to using “print screen” on windows but are now using mac OSX here are some of the keyboard shortcuts you can use to print the screen:

command-shift-3: Capture screen to file
command-fn-shift-3: Capture screen to clipboard
command-shift-4: Capture selection to file

Stop iPhoto Stop!

I havent paid much attention to this problem but everytime I plug my camera into my macbook iphoto opens up and wants to import my photos which is annoying. The preferences in iphoto didnt seem to give any options to turn this off, thats because its in image capture! To turn it off do the following:

1: Launch Image Capture

2: Go to Image Capture > Preferences

3: Select “When Camera is Connected, Open <No Application>”

4: Job Done!

Mini Mac Wont Connect Via Airport?

Having recently purchased a mini mac I was excited to get it hooked up to the wireless immediately. I had heard some rumours that airport was giving some users problems connecting to their wireless, and then it happened to me. Airport found my router fine and presented me with wireless connection options…..however when trying to enter the WEP key it just didnt like it. Hunting around on the web there are plenty of solutions…luckily the first one I tried worked. By simple changing the wireless security on my Netgear ADSL Router DGT834GT from WEP to WPA and then going through the wireless setup process on the mac it solved the problem!

Onto the next problem…..screen image is not filling my Sony Bravia KDL40W2000U TV using DVI to HDMI……looks like SwitchResX might be able to help here…….

Enable Audio-In On Your Macbook

So i’ve just started looking at recording my electric guitar in garageband on my new macbook. I didnt know you had to “enable” the audio-in to get it to work directly with the guitar, the sound is going to be weak but thats another issue!


1.  Connect your guitar cable to the audio line in jack on your Mac using a 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch adapter.

2. Connect your headphones to the output jack. (Don’t confuse the input and output jacks!)

3. Open System Preferences.

4. Click on the Sound icon.

5. Click the Input tab.

6. Select “Line In” in the “Choose a device for sound input” list.

7. Open your recording software.

8. Create an audio/real instrument track (not a MIDI/virtual instrument track).

9. Select Channel 1&2 as your input.

10. Strum a loud chord. Chances are the guitar sound will seem quiet, even with the headphone volume turned up, and the input level meter will probably remain in the lowest part of its range.

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